Social Justice

Fair treatment and opportunity for all people is at the heart of Eco Hub Aber, we know there is a long way to go and we are reaching out to be inclusive for all under-represented people in Aberystwyth.   We are working with other groups to practically address inequalities and ensure these are improved rather than made worse by our activities.   We understand we currently live in an unfair world, we support and take positive actions for fair and equitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges in society.


Cost of Living Crisis

Helping with cost of living and supporting climate and nature can go hand in hand, but they don’t always. We are working with CREDU, Gofalwyr Ceredigion Carers, Oxfam, CAB and NEST to support people on low incomes.   Activities include clothes swaps, school uniform swaps and help and advice for energy savings and pointing towards financial support.

Working with Ceredigion Council and CAVO we are a warm space in the network throughout Wales to help people save on heating costs in the cold snaps.

Welsh Language

Eco Hub Aber provide bi-lingual information and events. We were proud to include the Cantre’r Gawelod poem by local poet, John James Williams, in our “Rising Sea Levels” event and for our entry to the St Davids Day parade window. We are pleased to be part of and promote our Welsh culture.


We hosted drop-in sessions and workshops  for anti-violence when Aberystwyth hosted the knife angel sculpture.  The sculpture, made from over 100,000 seized blades, was specifically created to highlight the negative effects of violent behaviour. The Knife Angel educates children, young people and adults about the harmful effects that violent behaviour has on communities all across our nation. It symbolises a call for change whilst acting as a National Memorial for victims of knife crime and their loved ones.

Our Equality and Diversity Mission

Eco Hub Aber is an inclusive space for all. With us, you will create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of everyone are recognised and valued. We have a level space with good access for wheelchair users and the less able. Our diversity enables participation of many people of all ages and genders. So far we are recognising important contributions; LGBT+ with our management and marketing, neuro diversity in our climate art events, minority ethnic people involved with our clothes swaps and free tree collections, events aimed for people on low income such as help for carers and warm spaces, Welsh first language speakers with our bi-lingual literature and Welsh poems. Our environment is there to promote dignity and respect to all.