Eco Hub Aber is enshrined as a social enterprise and through membership we have the means to do what is needed locally and be self-financing. Such authentically driven local direct action will have a rippling effect and lead us towards the tipping point needed to achieve a low carbon, sustainable lifestyle for future generations and a healthy planet to live on.

Become a member and join us for workshops, clothes swaps, events, local eco-information, trees, exhibitions and the use of e-bikes and thermal imaging camera and more.

The co-founders of Eco Hub Aber are local Aberystwyth residents Kate Rolt and Cath Peasley, who both hold over 30 years’ of experience in Sustainability. Leading practical not-for-profits organisations, decreasing carbon and increasing nature.

In the 90’s and noughties we lived our lives in innovative communities. Pushing forward awareness of environmental and social challenges. We were both founder members of local communal housing community Plas Einion, workers at worker owned Centre for Alternative Technology and provided sustainable education and entertainment as members of the collective ‘Technotribe’ (as in renewable technology not the music genre!). All of these community groupings were at the forefront of how to work differently, prioritising what are now mainstream activities, such as recycling, eating less meat, having solar panels, organic growing but back then were seen as fringe.

Kate Rolt, business owner and entrepreneur, pioneer of the organic movement ran her own organic restaurant and veg box business, managing teams of volunteers and growers. Previously employed at IBERS as research technician in the Biomass department. She uses these experiences to support growers in Wales through being a long-term Committee Member of the National Allotment Society Wales.

“We believe we are all part of the change. Working together through Eco Hub Aber, we can learn about actions that reduce carbon, increase biodiversity and deliver social justice.” Kate.

Cath Peasley, experienced board member, previously leading successful local renewable energy company Dulas Ltd, one of the pioneers of wind and solar power in the UK. Also working worldwide providing solar vaccine refrigeration around the world for UNICEF to reach the most remote children.

“The Eco Hub is here to reach everyone in Aberystwyth, we are providing a friendly and welcoming space, come and say hello.” Cath.

Kate and Cath also work together creatively. Cath is Lady Pea – DJ for live events and local radio and Kate is a freelance immersive creative artist with pieces such as “The Tipping Point” and the iconic Penny Farthing. As Ymyl y Mor we deliver bespoke multi-generational personal music events and a regular themed live radio show, researched by Kate and presented by Lady Pea on Radio Bronglais and Radio Aber. Themes include body parts “The Organ Recital” and everything from carers to trees and pets to the USA elections.